Monday, February 11, 2013

A blizzard(?)... and spikes, part 1

We had a blizzard yesterday. Actually, we're still under a "blizzard warning" until noon today, but it's looking pretty mild out there. Yes, the wind is still blowing, but there's not much snow in the air. We did get a total of around 5-6" of new snow, and it blew a lot, but somehow it just didn't seem all that "blizzardy" to me. I've seen WAY worse! Whatever....

Here's our "miniature" lilac bush right outside the bedroom window this morning:

Yeah, just snow. You've seen it before. But kind of puffy-pretty.

These next photos were taken last Friday after having had fog and wind overnight. I think they're much more interesting. Look at the teensy buildup of hoar frost spikes below. The nail head in the upper right hand corner of the pic is for size comparison:

The grass had lots of spikes, too.

Isn't that just amazing, the way it can build into those formations on the narrow blades of grass? Beautiful, too!

The lilac bushes were quite interestingly spiky, too:

Did you notice that some of the spikes even have "cross spikes" on them? Or maybe it's "thorns" on the spikes. Anyway, I think they're super-neat! I wonder what makes them form like that, as opposed to this way, from a year ago:

I have more spiky pics for another day. I finally finished a small sewing project that I plan to show you tomorrow, though. And lots of sewing projects in the queue. I'm in production again! ;)


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Oh my goodness!!! The spiked frost is fantastic! I am so glad you tromped outside and got those shots. Isn't it amazing what God can make with some water and cold?

Grandma G said...

For sure! He gives us plenty to delight in, if we but look close enough. (And that goes for more than just in nature.)

Anonymous said...

And then He gives us a great photographer to share His creations.


Grandma G said...

Aw, gee... thanks, Dale. :)