Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Birthday party, part 2: The setting

The theme for Courtney's birthday party was 'butterflies'. Can you tell?

For Christmas, Courtney had gotten a little butterfly punch. It got put to good use (and had quite a workout!) in making party decorations. Just look at all those little butterflies on the streamers! That was a lot of punchin'... but I bet she loved it!

Also for Christmas, we had given her a set of mosaic "stick-by-numbers", which just happened to also be butterflies. The mosaic backgrounds came with numbered tile spaces, and a bazillion tiny sticker tiles had to be stuck into those spaces. They were kinda like paint-by-number, only with pretty colored stickers instead of paint. I was privileged to help with the blue one. A lot of time was spent sticking all those stickers!

This photo does not do the butterflies justice. They were glorious and shiny and sparkly! Every "dot" was a colored tile, placed carefully!

Did you notice the little clear box with a heart inside? It's full of Courtney kisses for Mommy when she misses her little girl because she's in school. How sweet is that? When it starts to run out, she puts more into it. :)

Of course we couldn't have a birthday party without a birthday girl, and here she is, wearing ... what else ... a butterfly dress! And looking quite tickled by something (perhaps a butterfly?).

Courtney had a party with friends/classmates the day before, and she received the head piece and wand, which were quite lovely and fun.

Family parties need cousins, right? Here are the only two that were able to make it. Unfortunately, the rest had sickness in their families and couldn't come.

Birthday parties also need cakes. Here is Courtney's, made by Mommy and decorated with more butterflies. The bowling pin was a gift from the bowling alley where she had her party the day before... it even has butterflies on it, as do the other pretty decorations.

Courtney blew out the candles, of course. Her hair was tied back for the sake of safety near the lit candles.

Of course a family birthday party isn't complete without Daddy and Mommy! How I love that family!

A birthday party's not complete without presents, either, is it? Come back next time to see what she got!


annie dee said...

HAH! A regular butterfly conspiracy! Looks really great as though a little bit of fun might have been had. I especially love the stickers-by-number. I'm going to have to look for some of those for mysel---I mean for some little kid. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY!!

The Luedtke Family said...

So very much fun! What a sweet little girl!

Auntie Kris said...

Thanks for doing such a great job documenting the day.