Friday, March 22, 2013

Another contender

Here's another photo I took as a possibility to submit for my last camera class assignment. I ended up not using it, but I think it's a pretty cool photo, anyway. This is my pretty boy Rusty. It's not too often that a cat will pose so nicely like that. He had been doing the 'peeping tom' thing in the window, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch that. Isn't he beautiful, though?

His mama was doing a little peeping herself, so I snapped a pic of her, too. She's such a lovely cat. She's also Josie's mama, although from a different year than Rusty.

I did submit my final photos for the class, just to get it over with. I don't think it really matters how good they were... not to me, anyway.  It's not like my "grade" is valuable for anything. I accomplished what I wanted to from the classes, and that was to learn how to use my SLR camera. The classes were great, well-written and easy to understand, and I was pleased with my results. I still need to practice a lot, and it'll be fun doing that once there are green and growing things outside to take photos of... if spring ever really does arrive, that is.

The photos I ended up sending in are the one of Courtney missing her tooth (over on the right sidebar) and one of the last frost ones (see those comments for which one). It'll be interesting to find out what my "tutor" has to say about them.


Anonymous said...

How do you keep track all your cats family tree? Mark

Grandma G said...

In my head. Doomed to fail, aren't I? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is a pretty cat.

Because he's yellow, he reminds me of the best dog I ever had, Cream Puff. ( you know he was a cat )


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I say you have a great skill at portrait photography! The lighting on your granddaughter's face was luscious!

Aren't orange cats and mixed colored cats wonderful?
OK...all cats are beautiful. They just are!