Friday, March 8, 2013

Sewing with Courtney

First off... I saw geese flying north this morning! Hurray - a sure sign that spring's on its way! The sun is also shining wonderfully, too - hurray again!

Back to our regularly scheduled post....

Before Christmas I came across so many good deals. One of them was this little beginner sewing kit that I thought would be a fun thing for Courtney to do for one of our "craft projects" that she insists we loves to do every week.

She was thrilled with it! She chose to sew the flower first, and with a little guidance, went right to work. She was even able to thread her own needle after I showed her how. Unfortunately, she kept accidentally pulling the yarn out of the needle, so she got lots of practice at threading. ;)

Of course Josie was right there to oversee everything. She tried to help, too, by sorting out the yarn - haha. Eventually we convinced her to just lie patiently and watch.

Did you notice how nicely the flower goes with Courtney's shirt? :)

Courtney worked diligently.....

... but about every 2 minutes, she had to stop and do this:

(I love that eye and those few scattered freckles!)

Yep, it was loose, and she was really working it to make it looser! That was Tuesday. As of last night, the tooth was still hangin' in there... barely. :)

Then she was back to concentrating on her work.

Reeeally concentrating.

After sewing it together, she chose which decorations she wanted on it. We quickly realized the choices weren't nearly as cool as the ones on the box cover, though. What we got was mostly just plain sequins.

She placed them and glued them on all by herself (while I was trying to get a photo of the glueing process but didn't manage to get any good shots... still too slow at the camera settings).

Here is the finished flower:

Great job, huh? I think we need a dowel for a stem and some green paper leaves. Maybe next week. Plus we saved the butterfly for a later project, so we have more fun ahead!


Auntie Kim said...

Good job Courtney.. and what a super cute shirt. --Auntie Kim

Grandma G said...

Well, you must be super-organized, Kim... aren't you having a birthday party this afternoon, and you still have time to read blogs? ;)

Happy Birthday, Carson!!

Live a Colorful Life said...

She did a really beautiful job! And I love her shirt...