Thursday, March 21, 2013

Since it still appears to be winter...

I'll show you some wintery shots I took a couple weeks ago that I never got posted. This was a scene I saw from the bedroom window early that morning. That little trail on the right goes all the way around the far end of the asparagus row and starts back this way on the other side.

See that messy-looking spot just to the right of the trail below?

There was another bigger spot on the other side of the asparagus... quite a pile, in fact.

There were also some spots like that near the sandbox.

Interesting, huh?  Although there are some cat tracks there, too, I believe the ones over by the asparagus, at least, were made by a squirrel. It must've been searching for food it had buried last fall.

Or does someone have a better guess? Dale?


Anonymous said...

I think it looks like you're right about the ones by the aspargus.

I can't believe the one with the big turtle about to climb that tree.
I didn't know they could climb like that but maybe it just wants some sunshine.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I am always itching to know who made tracks in the snow!
And are photos of snow with animal tracks just cool? I could spend hours tracking down tracks in pristine snow!