Thursday, March 7, 2013

Frost flakes

Hmmm... that title sounds a bit like cereal, doesn't it? But it's not. It's more hoar frost, believe it or not! Just when I thought I'd seen (and blogged) every kind there was, there appeared something different last Saturday morning. Of course, all this frost means we've had an awful lot of fog, and I'm getting sooo tired of all the white scenery... white ground, white sky, and often white air. Ugh. When's spring???

Saturday morning, however, the fog cleared early, and it was already sunny when I went out to feed the cats. I couldn't help noticing (and trudging back to the house for the camera) that this frost was very flakey-looking, and it stood out at right angles to whatever it was on.

They were very thin, flat, fragile flakes.

Pretty amazing, huh?

The ground seemed to be covered with these flakes, too, and it was very sparkly!

Everything sparkled!

The trees sparkled, too, although it's a little hard to see in this photo.

In the photo below, I was trying to get a shot of the frosted grass, but I ended up getting a better shot of the flakey ground.

Suddenly, in the midst of my snowy/frosty picture-taking, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Rainbow in winter! Now that's some contrast!

The railings along the deck steps were quite interesting, too. They were covered solid with the frost flakes.

They certainly made for an unusual texture.

(Click any photo for a bigger view.)

Because all those flakes were so thin and fragile, they didn't last long that morning and were soon melted and/or blown away.


annie dee said...

Weird stuff but great photos

Grandma G said...

Thanks! Believe it or not, it was foggy again this morning, but it was very light, non-incredible frost, so I didn't bother to take pics. It was too windy, besides.

I've been writing an email to you in my head, in bits and pieces. Can you read it? ;)

annie dee said...

No sorry but my printer did run out of black ink. Maybe that's why? :-)

Grandma G said...

That must be it! LOL I'll try to resend... perhaps in an email... maybe later this afternoon even. But don't hold your breath... life's kind of unpredictable again, but for a different reason.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to call some of that frost


Grandma G said...

You may call it whatever you want, but just don't expect it to hold your cattle (or anything else) in. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you do not get tired of me telling you how amazing and how much I enjoy your frost pictures. I know you are tired of the white but tust me when you don't have you miss it. Mark

Grandma G said...

As long as you don't get tired of the pics, I won't get tired of hearing you say nice things about them, Mark. ;) Thanks!

Live a Colorful Life said...

These pictures are just amazing!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Cindy!