Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ornaments and Annabelle

Of course those ornaments made by Courtney and Auntie Jess were destined for a Christmas tree. As you can see, our tree seemed to be a bit top-heavy with ornaments and pretty bare at the bottom. That's because of a certain kitten named Annabelle who LOVED to pull off everything she could get her little paws on! I don't know how many times I had to replace even the strings of lights that were around the bottom half.

Jess decided it would be more fun to hang some of the newly-made ornaments down low especially for Annabelle to have fun with. Hmmm....

So here's the (sorta)fully-decorated tree. Look quick, while everything's still there! (Yes, the tree was leaning a bit, but that had nothing to do with Annabelle. Its trunk was kinda crooked.)

Didn't those hand-crafted ornaments look pretty amongst the store-bought ones?

Even when there were only lights on the tree, Annabelle had begun eyeing it. Actually, when I grabbed the camera for this next photo, she was on the back of the chair next to her, probably wondering if she dared jump. She'd hopped down before I could snap a pic. Wise decision, Annabelle!

(Don't you just love her interesting markings?)

She never actually got IN the tree, thank goodness. I think it was because it was a real Scotch pine, which I've read has the sharpest needles, and they deter cats from climbing. It has seemed to work for us over the years, as I've never had a cat IN a Christmas tree. (Courtney's kitties proved their climbing expertise in their artificial tree, though, I've heard. ;) )

But Annabelle thoroughly enjoyed pulling off every ornament that Jess left low enough for her to reach!

There were many scenes like this:

Over and over and over......

At least she didn't damage them... only pulled them off... so we'll be able to use them again next year - yay!

Happy New Year, everyone! May you all have a great year, filled with lots of times of fun with a pet or whatever you enjoy the most!


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, the lowest parts of the tree had felt and pipecleaner decorations specifically designed to double as cat toys. This played to the contrary nature of cats... So many "okay to play" decorations made the cats lose interest in the tree entirely.

Grandma G said...

Ha! That sounds like a great idea! It'd also double as some fun craft projects for Courtney. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

LiEr said...

We just tossed our tree out yesterday :(
2013's felt like a frantic, rushed kind of Christmas - not only because Thanksgiving was so late but also because we were out of town from the week before Christmas itself. So we hardly got to enjoy our tree. I feel like I need to do Christmas all over again, just to make up!

Your tree looks lovely - very symmetrical and evenly decorated. Ours showed obvious signs of it having been decked out by people under the age of 10 (but with no cats). And I was looking at your oval wall mirror and thinking it would've been a glorious shot of the tree as a reflection in it, for the front of a Christmas card. Oh well, maybe in 2014!

Grandma G said...

I did notice the nice reflection in the mirror... but that's all the farther my brain got. Nice idea about the Christmas card. Too bad I'll forget it by next year. ;)