Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Beautiful pests

My fawns have been back again. I can't resist taking photos of them. I hope you don't mind looking at them so often. 

There were two this time, and I've since seen three again (but didn't get photos). I don't remember for sure, but I think this may be the same one in all these photos. They're just a little bit hard to tell apart - ha. But if you look at that little bump behind its shoulder, it looks the same in every pic. Whatever... just enjoy the view! 

Sunday evening as I was out enjoying the last rays of sunshine (and taking sunset photos), I happened to notice this in the garden:

I'd forgotten how much deer love that sedum! All the spent flowers (seed pods?) were gone, plus most of the leaves. I sprayed it with Liquid Fence in the spring, and they hadn't bothered it all summer, so I kinda forgot about it. Oh well, they sorta did me a favor. Now I don't have so much to cut back. Apparently they don't care so much for California poppies or alyssum.


Geneviève Thiffault said...

I wouldn't be able to tell any deer apart. They are gorgeous creatures, but they all look so similar to me. Haha!

Grandma G said...

I know! I thought I had uploaded pics of two different ones, considering the backgrounds. Maybe I did, and they both have the bumps by their shoulders! Ha!