Thursday, November 19, 2015

Names, finally

I know you've all been holding your collective breaths waiting to hear what we've decided to name Patches' kittens that were born... er... last May. Ha. It's hard to pin names on cats that are wild and rarely seen. However, now that winter's getting nearer and the cats have been hanging out in the machine shed most of the time, I think it's time. They're also getting tamer, and one of them I can pet easily while she eats, plus I've at least touched the other three. I talk to them, too, when I feed them, so it's nice to have something to call them.

Plus, we have a couple of newbies! Mama kitty had her last ones across the road at the neighbors', as usual, and she brought them over, as usual, for me to feed for the winter. First she brought three, but then the mean tom cat showed up and she took them away for a week or so. When she returned them, there were only two. They've tamed down pretty easily, and I can hold each one. They're both toms.

Courtney and I worked on naming them when she was here this week. I have to confess we borrowed heavily from Shopkins names. Shopkins (if you're not familiar with them, just google) are the rage right now, and Courtney has begun her collection. She also had a list of the names of all the Season 3 ones, so that's where we searched for kitten names. It was actually pretty helpful, and we found some good names.

So here's a not-so-great photo (because it's always dark in there) of my entire machine shed crew, minus Snuggles, the resident tom, who was still outside when I took the picture. Starting with the calico at the top and going clockwise, we have: Chelsea, Lizzy, Autumn, Jasper, Peachy, Casper, Patches, Kelly, and Mama.

Jasper and Casper are Mama's little guys. Casper's not all black - he's a tuxedo (much like Oreo but minus the skunky-striped nose). Jasper is adorable, the orange/white little one below. On his right is Autumn, who is looking quite huge in her long-haired winter coat!

Peachy, the all-orange one above (and is the one I can pet) is one of Patches', as are Chelsea, Lizzy and Kelly. Lizzy and Kelly look very much alike, mostly tabby-striped with bits of orange and white, but Lizzy is lighter, so I can tell the difference.


Kind of a tough-looking dude, isn't he? He is tough. Defends his girls well. He's a good cat. And he lives up to his name, too - still likes to snuggle.

While I'm at it, I might as well show you the other crew. Here they all are, minus one who is a bit more shy. Starting with the calico and going clockwise, we have Cinnamon, Buffy, Smoke, Tuffy, Oreo, Mia, and Clementine.

Below is the missing one, Snowy. She has lovely orange seal point markings, meaning she is white with orange ears, tail and face.

Here's just a fun shot of most of them as they're patiently(?) waiting for me to feed them their breakfast instead of taking photos of them.

Anybody been counting? With Rainbow, who hates all other cats, including her own kids, and eats in the garage... I have a total of 19 (not to mention Josie and Annabelle in the house). Unless you count the other tom who comes to eat but that I don't claim as mine. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him lately. Wrong time of year for his "business", I guess, so maybe he went home for the winter. Wherever that is.

Yeah, that means lotsa cat food, especially when considering it's shared with raccoons and skunks. Well, one less skunk now.  Before and after:


Jenny said...

That is a lot of cats! A very colorful bunch, however. Nice choices on the Shopkins names. My kids probably would have wanted to name them after pokemon!

Grandma G said...

It's not a record number, but close. Yes, I'm loving the variety of colors and markings!

Jessica Jones said...

Wow, that's quite a crew! Autumn looks huge. :)

Grandma G said...

Although Autumn is not as thin as she used to be, which is a good thing, she's still mostly hair. :)

Geneviève Thiffault said...

So many kitties! Jasper is such a cutie and he looks so tiny. At least the other bigger cats leave him room to eat.

Oh, and Autumn looks huge! As you said, I guess its her long coat that gives that impression. Furry kitties are always surprisingly small without their long hair.

Snuggles has such a lovely face, if I was to met him, I would have such a hard time trying not to hug him. He seems to have a shape a little like my Charlie, that's probably why. Ha! :P

Grandma G said...

Snuggles would probably let you hug him... and then he'd be your friend forever. Remember awhile back when I tried picking him up to see if he'd still let me? He sticks so close to me some days now that I'm practically tripping over him. So his name still fits. :)

Geneviève Thiffault said...

He just needed a little hug to get back to being the snuggliest (tom)cat. :)

LiEr said...

So gorgeous! Except the skunk. At first I thought, "That's a weird looking cat coloration."Then read your text and realized it wasn't a cat. Thank goodness. Your cats are always so beautiful. And we got a dusting of snow too! Curses. It's all gone now, though!

Happy (snowless) Thanksgiving!

Grandma G said...

Our snow is melting... probably about half gone. Hopefully the other half will disappear today. Could get more on Thanksgiving Day, though. Not good timing for travelers.

Unfortunately we have more of those black-and-white non-cats. I haven't seen any, but Grandpa has, and it's apparent they've been at the cat food. Aargh. :(