Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Izzy Purse

Courtney is in 4-H this year, and she asked me if I'd help her make a sewing project. Of course that's right up my alley, so I readily agreed. I kept my eye open online for simple sewing machine projects that she might like, and this one for a felt ladybug purse met with her approval.

We printed out the pattern, I dug out my felt, and she went to work. With a little guidance, she did all the pinning and cutting herself. 

Under the watchful eyes of her inspector, that is.

She's getting better at the sewing machine, having more control over the speed, particularly. So I don't have to hover quite so close (or hold my breath as much).

Had you noticed the ladybug colors weren't placed quite ladybug-like? Look below... this little purse has ears and whiskers!

Here it is, finished.

It was designed by Courtney to look like her cat, Izzy!

This is the back.

The face is the flap, and it fastens shut with velcro. This is what it looks like when opened.

Below is our happy little seamstress holding her Izzy purse and giving you some size reference.

She did a fantastic job! All those little colored bits were appliqued on, very slowly and carefully, a stitch at a time. Talk about a way to get practice sewing curves! A couple pieces were glued on (e.g. the whiskers) because they were too small for stitching. I did the harder part of sewing the head onto the back because those ears had to be caught in that seam and lined up just right. The pupils in the eyes were drawn on with a marker.

I know Courtney is hoping for a good score when her project is judged for 4-H. She'll be taking it to the fair, and she said if she gets a ribbon, we can take another photo to show you here. So be prepared (a few weeks down the road)!


Geneviève Thiffault said...

How cute! Congrats to Courtney for this super cute project! Will she start taking orders soon? :P

I wish her a lot of success at the fair. Hopefully, the judges will be cat lovers just like us. :)

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Gen! I'll tell her what you said. I do think it'll be awhile before she'll be taking orders, though. ;)

annie dee said...

Very nice, Courtney (and Grandma G)! That's a terrific project and it came out great. Courtney I want to hear more about how this fulfilled the 4H assignment. Do tell! And keep on sewing!

Jenny said...

Nice work! Two thumbs up for Courtney! And good job teaching her to alter a pattern to make it her own. I think that is certainly a ribbon worthy purse, for sure!

Megumi said...

What a cute purse! Well done! Courtney must inherit your talent, so as your daughter! I'd like to see her next summer project?!?!

Grandma G said...

Thank you all! Courtney will be here today, and I'm sure she'll be thrilled to read what you've written!

Jessica Jones said...

I love it. Especially the tongue. :)

Grandma G said...

From Courtney: "Thank you, everybody! I'm glad you like it. It was fun to make with my grandma. I like to sew, and I'm sure I'll be making more projects. There really wasn't an assignment for 4-H. I could do what I wanted."

Auntie Kim said...

Super cute! Good job Courtney.. I'll be waiting for the fair picture :)

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Kim! I'll tell her what you said. :)