Monday, June 9, 2008

Flower stuff

My wildflowers that I planted last year are coming up thick again this year. I really need to get out there and thin them some more, but right now it's VERY muddy. Anyway, I was pleased a few days ago to see the first of them blooming. This is yellow phlox.

I planted some new perennials this year, but so far they look like pretty much nothing, so you'll have to wait awhile to see pics of them. Here's one of several geraniums I set out, though.

This next flower is an apple blossom. There's a single apple tree down in the area where the fawn was. I have no idea what kind it is. We've never gotten apples from it, but I noticed it blossoming this year.

This is wild phlox, also blooming down in the fawn area.

And we all know what this is. There were bzillions of them out there, but the rains washed all the fuzz off, so then we had fields of stems. I finally managed to get them mowed off on Saturday. I think they're past their peak blooming season now... I HOPE!

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