Monday, June 2, 2008

Not such a mystery

I planted some new flowers this year... million bells. They're like little miniature petunias and are good for containers and hanging baskets. I put them in this little planter on the deck railing, not far from the birdbath. Although they come in many colors, I chose mainly red, to hopefully help attract hummingbirds. I think they're very pretty, and I look forward to seeing them trailing over the edge.

They've made nice progress since I potted them on Friday evening, despite a rough start. I'd planted them so carefully, then left them on the cement in front of the garage overnight. Here's what they looked like the next morning.

Grrrrr! Not much of a mystery to me who did it. I'm sure it was our "lovely" skunk. Every summer we have skunks that dig in the lawn during the night, looking for grubs or something to eat, I guess. I discovered this one still digging about 8:30 a.m. over by the lilac bushes. I grabbed the gun and tried to get a shot at him, but by the time he was far enough away from the house, he was on the run, so I couldn't get a good shot. I'm not giving up, though!

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Anonymous said...

Go, "Annie"- {Oakley} I am proud of you. I would have called in male reinforcements before I would brave handling the gun myself. Guess I have always been afraid of guns. You are right about not wanting to shoot the skunk too close to the house. Could have that fragrance all summer! And it AIN'T NO ROSE. Grace