Monday, June 30, 2008

Mourning dove nest

I mentioned in Saturday's post that mourning doves tend to make really flimsy nests. Here's a classic example, although the photos don't really do it justice. I discovered this nest yesterday morning as I happened to walk under it and the mother flew off. This morning I went back out with the camera and from quite a distance caught her still on the nest.

I'm sorry, Mama Dove, but your nest is a total mess. I'm amazed that it even hangs together enough to hold your eggs. But it must be sturdier than it looks, because we had some rain and strong winds on Saturday, and it still hangs there in the tree without even that much shelter from the leaves!

Amazing, isn't it?

I also checked on the other nest yesterday to see if those babies survived the weather. As you can see, they remain nice and cozy. And they're growing fast!

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