Thursday, October 2, 2008

Almost the end

With a forecast for a widespread frost last night, I went out and picked most everything that was left in the garden. All that remains besides a few green tomatoes that I don't care about (anybody want 'em to fry???) are the carrots and a couple of beets. Here's what I ended up picking... a pretty good cartful.

In the pail are beans. They look a little overripe, don't they? :-) Actually, I'm saving them for seed for next year. I've done that for many years, and it works well.

Update: The green tomatoes have been claimed, thanks to the blog! I love it! :-) They will not be fried, though, but will go into sweet pickle relish instead.

It's also almost the end of the bird bathing season. This brave house finch did take a bath yesterday. He was hesitant, though. First he had a few drinks, then sat there and debated for awhile, finally stepping into the water... and just stood there. I guess he was getting adjusted to the chilly water. He did do a little spashing, and here he is after the bath, still looking a little ruffled.

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