Thursday, October 30, 2008

I AM a bag lady!

Here are my two most recent bags.

"Anonymous" suggested in a comment on this post that I start a cottage industry making bags. Well, little did he/she know! As a matter of fact, Jess decided to reopen her Etsy shop and together we're going to sell things made from her designs. We've been busy getting things ready the last few weeks. I've been having FUN making the bags, and she's doing all the rest of the WORK! :-) You're welcome to come browse around in our little shop here!

(BTW, the above bags have not been shipped to Jess yet, thus are not listed in the shop. I still need to finish a couple more to send off with them.)


Grace said...

Hi, I had no idea you were really planning a cottage industry --it just made sense to me with all the beautiful fabrics to choose from. I'll put my order in for a bag like the two toned one pictured on the bottom photo. I checked out the little Etsy shop last night and Jess' blog- was so impressed with the trade show booth--class act. You all can be very proud of her accomplishments.

Grandma G said...

If you're serious about the order, email me.


kim said...

i love your bags!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Kim!

And Happy Birthday to Cayden! :-)