Sunday, October 5, 2008

Grandma's little gardener is back in the tomato patch

This time she's picking tomatoes for Auntie Kris, faithful reader of the blog, who noticed on one of the posts that Grandma G had surplus green ones that were going to go to waste, so she jumped in and offered to take them off her hands. Yay - worked out good for everybody!

Courtney was a very willing worker, but......


Fortunately, Daddy and Grandpa happened to show up just at the right time, so with a little teamwork, the tomato picking went much more smoothly......


Grandma's little gardener is even going to deliver the tomatoes in person today. How lucky can Auntie Kris get?!


Jess said...

What's in the cup?

Grandma G said...

There are 4 plastic caps from orange juice cartons. They're a special treasure that she found all by herself, and she carries them with her everywhere outside. She's very patient, too... every time she bends over, they of course spill out of the yogurt cup, so she picks them up one by one and puts them back in.

You'll be seeing more of them in the future. Stay tuned. ;-)