Monday, October 6, 2008

Tomato pic(k)s

Here's our pickin' crew:

I guess Courtney thought they looked pretty tasty.

Or.... maybe not?

What's this... a confrontation? ;-)

Courtney was awfully cute trying to pick up the box by herself... and Grandma was too slow with the camera to catch it on video. Anyway, Daddy came to the rescue.

I hope Auntie Kris appreciates all the hard "work"! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Again!!! ADORABLE-- and I see no infringment on the "child labor laws" that goes for any of the three generations you had slaving away in the tomato patch.

I know Auntie Kris appreciated the fresh garden veggies.

Anonymous said...

I really do appreciate the green tomatoes. I used most of them to make 32 pints of relish yesterday--- and today. It's a 2 day project, but really worth the trouble. Thanks again Grandma G.