Thursday, November 6, 2008

Helping Daddy harvest corn

(Any caption suggestions for the above pic???)

She looks pretty little there between the big tractor and trucks, doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

I have a caption for the picture...
"Daddy, when are you going to shave that stuff off your face? It tickles when you kiss me."

Very cute pictures.

Grandma G said...

Ha! I love it, Suzi! Made me literally LOL!

(Hmmm... are those perhaps Mommy's thoughts, too???) ;-)

Anonymous said...


Daddy, when can I play with your toys?


Grandma G said...

'Nuther good one! Thanks, Dale.

That reminds me, I should dig in Daddy's old stuff and find her a tractor or something. A girl can't play with dolls ALL the time! :-)

Kris said...

It looks to me like she's giving him some really good farmin' advice. He appears to be listening.

Grandma G said...

Some pretty 'serious' advice at that, huh, Kris? Maybe he needs to make some major changes!

Then again, maybe she's complaining about his long hours and how much she and Mommy miss him!