Sunday, November 9, 2008

I shot a buck!

On the first day of firearm season, even!

He's a beaut, isn't he? Look at that rack!

Okay, so I only shot him with the camera (which is the only way I would shoot one). And it was from quite a distance, through a dirty window, getting dark, and I was in a hurry because he wasn't standing in one spot for very long... so not the best quality photos. But at least I got him! I wonder how many hunters can say the same after yesterday. ;-)

(Click photos to enlarge.)


Swiss Ms. said...

You had me going there, Grandma G!

Grandma G said...


Mission accomplished. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky and so is this buck.
Bart would have loved to have the same opportunity. I think he may be trying to see something like that one this weekend. He wants to enjoy it with his eyes and his taste buds too.