Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Little Scarecrow... a tutorial

How to dress a scarecrow: Have Grandma hogtie her so Mommy can stuff her into the outfit. (She preferred running around in just a diaper and was quite adamant (<-understatement) about NOT putting on a scarecrow outfit.)

How to get a scarecrow to hold still long enough to get a photo: Send her to a mirror so she can admire herself.

How to "Treat" a scarecrow: Give her a little bag with yogurt covered raisins and string cheese in it. Yum!

How to get a nice pic of scarecrow and Mommy: Good question. Too many wiggles. But it sorta worked out. :-)

How to keep scarecrow from eating all the contents of the bag in one sitting: Pick up the ones she's dropped on the floor, sneak them to Mommy behind her back so Mommy can hide them.

WHEW!! What a "scary" Halloween that was! ;-) I hope we've given you some helpful advice for handling little scarecrows!

Here's a closer look at the bag. I made it over a month ago, before I ever started on the ones for the Etsy shop. In fact, this little bag is what inspired me to offer to sew for Jess. It's just made out of old fabric pieces I had stored around here, and trimmed with Jess's piggy bank ribbon. It was really fun to make, and I had a terrible time having to keep it a secret until Halloween! :-)

And just a few more shots of Little Miss Funnyface Scarecrow.

(Click to enlarge.)

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