Saturday, November 29, 2008

Poll Results PLUS

The results of the poll "If you had the choice of accepting a sweepstakes grand prize of either a trip to an exclusive resort, say in the Virgin Islands, or its cash equivalent, which would you take?" are as follows:

  1. The trip! (4 votes)
  2. The cash! (2 votes)

Okay, here's the PLUS: Some of you already know this... I DID win a sweepstakes grand prize of a trip to an exclusive resort in the Virgin Islands (plus a year's worth of the vitamins I already take), compliments of the Melaleuca company! What a shocker! :-)

I was glad to see at least a couple people agree with me in preferring the cash over the trip. Though it looks like the dream vacation of a lifetime, it just isn't 'me'. I would much prefer to receive the cash and then maybe use it to take our whole family to a resort somewhere closer sometime (if we could get both father and son away from the dairy at the same time). We shall see what happens. At this point, I haven't heard yet if I even can get the cash equivalent.

Thanks for voting. Due to low voter turnout and lack of time on my part, I'm going to suspend the polls until after Christmas. (I reserve the right to change my mind, however, if I come up with something I just HAVE TO poll about... but for now, my brain is having trouble thinking of poll topics. I'm open to suggestions, BTW!)

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