Thursday, October 29, 2009

Come feed the "baby kitties" with us!

Sit down and relax... it's a long process. ;-) Turn up your volume and enjoy!

She insisted on carrying the food and the water jug , but...

"Heady." ;-)

It's nonstop chatter all the way out there. :-)

"I got some new food, guys!"

"Not yet, guys!"

"These baby kitties like that new food."


grace said...

Eeeuw! Got my hands dirty. Cute.

Courtney and I enjoyed the blog this morning. You Brightened up our rainy day.
She is sitting on my lap singing.
"Don't worry--be happy" She said she forgot to bring
Daddy's singing cow along today.

Grandma G said...

Glad to be able to brighten your day... it sure needed it, didn't it?

Did you notice at the end of the 3rd video how she leaned over and kissed the orange kitty? She sure loves those "babies"!