Monday, October 19, 2009

A new combination

Yep, I'm still making buckets. Here are #'s 61 and 62. A customer requested this combination of fabrics. I like it!

I mailed them to Jess today for the Etsy shop, along with the Buttercup Bag (#41) and book cover (#36) below. The book cover was also a custom job. It's smaller than the others, for a Japanese paperback.

I find it hard to believe I've actually sewn that many items (not to mention 26 tote bags and 35 business card envelopes)! And even harder to believe that nearly all of them have sold!

My 39-yr.-old iron and Kenmore sewing machine have served me well. I hope they keep on keepin' on!


Lena said...

I love all these retro patterns. So 60's/70's style yet so modern. Not that I was about to remember them first time round......*ahem*

live a colorful life said...

I think you and Jess are a dynamite combination! I LOVE my orange bucket. It sure brightens up my sewing table.