Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cooking with Courtney

Yep, as you could tell from the previous post, it was Courtney's daddy's birthday yesterday. Courtney and Grandma did lots of cooking to prepare a special supper for him.

The cooking also served as a diversionary tactic intended to prevent the cranky spells that seemed to result from Courtney being sick during the past week. It worked! We actually had a very good day... cooking turned out to be a great hit. 'Course it took a little ("little"???) longer than usual to get things ready, but I allowed for that, and supper was only a a few minutes late, most of which was caused by the potatoes taking longer than the recipe said they would to get done.

Ah, I digress. Enough of that. Here's a little of our cooking process. Watch the face... she was working hard!

Look what else happened during our cooking. YUCK! At least it didn't last long enough to even coat the ground. It didn't distract Grandma's helper from her work, either!

Continuing on with Daddy's favorite scalloped corn, which Grandma always makes for his birthdays.....

Courtney was very careful, and there wasn't any spillage to speak of. Well, except for a little bit of cocoa which Grandma spilled onto the counter. Courtney got a kick out of that. :-) Oh, and Mommy... when you wash Courtney's outfit, take note of those little bits of chocolate stains. They happened when the sleeve dipped slightly into the cake batter as Courtney was sprinkling the chocolate chips on top! And when you're not sitting still, they kinda get spread to various parts of the clothing. Oopsie!

Our cooking efforts were richly rewarded with lots of raves from Daddy! Success!!


Jess said...

What? Sitting on the counter?!? Since when is that allowed in your house?!

Grandma G said...

I guess you were just born into the wrong generation, Jess.

Doug and Grace said...

How sweet, making Daddy his favorite dish for his birthday. I approve the counter sitting--gets one right up close to the work to be done. At 2 1/2 it is still cute to see her on the counter.

Grandma G said...

It's also easier to keep an eye on what she's doing when I don't have to turn my back on her to grab the next ingredient or whatever. And hey, she sits pretty still when she's up that high! ;-)