Friday, October 16, 2009

Ten years ago today

It was a beautiful day, and harvest was already completed!

Gosh, Jess 'n Alex have been married so long, they've begun to look like this:

Happy Anniversary, my precious kids! May God bless you with decades more together!


Jess said...

Thanks. You're such a goof. Wish I could remember where I found that online thing that morphs faces. I would do it to you and pa in retaliation.

Grandma G said...

(Boy, am I glad I cropped off that web address!)

Doug and Grace said...

That is sooo cool. It is fun how people who live together long enough start to look alike. I always say I hope I start to look like my Mr. rather than the other way around. After 41 years, we have probably morphed into someone altogether different. Like Maxine and Mr. Magoo.

Anonymous said...

Is that Jalex or Alexica? I love them both!