Monday, October 12, 2009

It's doing it again!

Sorry to bore you with more of these awful pics, but hey, if I have to look at it, you do, too! ;-)

No, these are not from Saturday's snowfall. I took them just a few minutes ago. Most of Saturday's had melted, but the birdbath hadn't even thawed out completely.

Notice the little white streaks... it's still coming down.

And it's not even the midpoint of October yet.


Indian summer is coming, though, right? RIGHT???

But never fear... I do have some much prettier pics to show you. I just didn't get around to posting them yesterday!


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Anonymous said...

... but the pictures are beautiful especially white snow on the green leaves. Actually hard to believe but we were in snow last Sunday at our cabins so I have great empathy for you. But here is the difference in Ca. it is all about elevation. Our cabins are at 7,000 ft. and when we left there was 2" of snow and it was sleeting (californins call it soft hail or snow pellets)as hard as I have ever seen. Actually i was a little worried with a pick up and no snow tires on a mountain. Here is the difference a mile down the road the snow was melting a mile and half down (6,500") the road was wet. 2 1/2 miles down (6,000') the road was dry. By the time we got home (300') 1 1/2 hours later it was 65 degrees. A great way to enjoy snow. This week we are supposed to have a warm storm with 2-3" inches of rain at our cabins with the snow level at 8,000'
elevation and 1" of rain in the valley. This will be good since we have had no measurable rain April or May.

The real question is how is harvest going? Are the beans out and have you started on the Corn.

I love all your pictures even if i don't comment. You have a great gift of photoagraphy.


PS I even have my brother in St. Paul checking on your blog for southern Mn. pictures. he will never comment because he is a closet blog reader and won't come out.

Lena said...

I know it can be a pain for some but I could cope with more snow. We've no chance of it until next month. My wellies are waiting!

Anonymous said...

The snow is pretty ! It's cool here in So Cal - only in the 50's today and looks like rain.I'm going back to PA this week - hoping to see some fall colors. I'll have to call Audrey and tease her about your winter weather. I remember her kids trick or treating in snow when they were little . Hope it warms up a little for you soon.

Grandma G said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

And Mark, thanks for your "great empathy". I wish I could drive away to 65° in such a short time... and be home! I'd be "empathetic", too! :-)

Harvest is going SLOOOOWLY. They've only started on the beans, and no corn out other than the silage. Ten years ago they were just finishing up! And then we headed off to Madison, WI, for J&A's wedding on the 16th! Talk about timing... she musta been really praying hard that year!

Oh, and 31 years ago tomorrow, Grandpa took time out for Nate's birth. I don't remember what stage the harvesting was at then. We were 2 weeks short of moving into our new house, though. Talk about a busy fall!

Did you really mean "photoagraphy"? I bet you did. I think I like that word, since many of my photos are ag-related.

You don't seem to know your brother too well... he came out of his closet a long time ago! He emailed me right after the silage pushing post, and we had a nice little conversation. (Honest, he did... I know that his first name is the same as Grandpa's.) He told me some things about you, too. ;-) Don't beat him up, okay?