Monday, July 12, 2010

Can you guess?

Can you guess what we did on Friday?

Take a closer look around that mouth (and eye).

Need another clue? How 'bout my hand?

No, we weren't catching butterflies. That was just a happy surprise I found on my shirt when we got in the house.

Note the COLOR on the fingers!

Now do you know?

In case you haven't figured it out.... we were picking black raspberries! At Courtney's other grandma's place. We picked for hours, amidst the thorns, mosquitoes, and near 90° temperatures.

(Well, Courtney didn't really pick very many. ;-) But she did offer water and knee pads, which were appreciated! She also took a nap in the heat of the afternoon, too, the lucky girl. :-) )

We got lots of berries!

I froze some. I made syrup out of a bunch more in my trusty Vita-Mixer.

So we're ready for pancakes, french toast, ice cream, and whatever else we decide to top with it. Actually, the syrup is thick enough when cool that it can be used on bread, too. YUM!

I still have a few berries left in my fridge, which will probably be eaten 'as is' soon.

Thanks, Grandma H !!!


The Luedtke Family said...

Yum yum yum!

I would prefer to eat as I pick, then nap in the shade. Then enjoy the homemade syrup!

What wonderfully fun and magical Grandma days for Courtney!

Grandma G said...

I definitely did "eat as I pick". :)

Doug and Grace said...

You are most welcome.
Grandpa H. and I spent several hours on Sunday afternoon/evening picking. Again, we picked 2 heaping pailsfull or it it pailfulls? (We used more than one pail and filled each one only once.) You can make the grammar and spelling call on this one.(:+}

That is one "Fancy" machine!

I made 30 jars of jam on Saturday, and will just freeze the Sunday harvest. Tues we pick again.
Grandma H.

JHRME said...

Oh yum!!!! Yum yum yum! That WOULD make good icecream!

Grandma G said...

Grace, I believe it's "pailfuls". :)