Thursday, July 15, 2010

My kind of morning!

After a miserably hot and humid day yesterday, the tides finally turned last evening about 8:30. Cooler, dryer air came in with the slow gliding off of the heavy clouds. Below is the view from my kitchen window as I was doing dishes. I kept having to go back outside and take more pics, because the sky colors kept changing and getting prettier! I did finally finish the dishes, after everything had faded back from the peach to pink to lavender and finally to gray again.

(Click to see the beauty enlarged!)

The weather change was as dramatic as the edge of those clouds against the blue sky!

This morning when I got up it was only about 60°, without the oppressive humidity... ahhhhh! 'Course the AC will come back on before the high reaches that predicted 85° for today.


Anonymous said...

Now I know why you will never take down that large silo. What would hold up that large antenna on the top? Great pictures! Mark

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Mark! Yeah, you're right about the antenna - ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, what a relief.

Wonderful pictures!

A little suffering helps one appreciate the good times.


No, that's not a request for more nasty weather.

JHRME said...

See the evening has pretty skies too!

Grandma G said...

Lucky for you, JHRME! ;)

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Dale!

The way it feels today, I guess you'll be able to appreciate the good stuff even better, huh? :(