Sunday, July 11, 2010

My new baby

I'm sure you're all dying to know how my little Josie is doing! Yeah, right. ;-) Well, I'm gonna tell you, anyway. Heheh.

Housebreaking has gone well. Here she is during one of her potty training lessons:

Okay, so I'm NOT really training her to use the toilet. We're sticking with the old fashioned litter box method. Courtney's potty chair just seemed to Josie to be a good fit at that time. :-)

She and Wispy have had their moments. Nothing physical, just lots of growling and hissing... on Wispy's part. But it's gotten less and less, and here they are with Wispy passing her warily through the doorway... and not growling!

Josie's been pretty brave, sneaking closer and closer to Wispy. She'd even occasionally take a swat at her, or do some other kind of taunting. She REALLY wanted to be friends, and Wispy, I think, was just plain a big chicken.

I was holding my breath here:

Oh, well.... probably a smart decision.

This morning, however, this occurred:

Not "friends" yet, but definitely tolerating!

Of course, the problem here is that Josie isn't supposed to be eating Wispy's "diet" food. And Wispy LOVES Josie's kitten chow, sneaking into the bathroom (which is Josie's home base) whenever she can to get a taste. So feeding is complicated around here. I have to keep both food dishes up and out of reach in between meals. Not easy for cats who nibble on and off all day. I'm not sure how I'm gonna resolve this... it's definitely a pain.

Josie also does very well playing by herself:

And, like Courtney, she enjoys watching herself on the computer.

I'm happy to finally be getting my money's worth out of all the toys I'd bought in the past for Willow and Wispy, which they weren't too enthused over. Josie loves EVERYTHING!

All in all, we're doing very well, thanks for asking. ;-)

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