Monday, July 5, 2010

It's official!

I have a new housekitten! This is Josie:

She spent the night in the house last night and is doing well, although I'm sure she misses her mommy and siblings. But she's also been wild and crazy and has had a lot of fun. And I've had a lot of laughs at her antics.

I got her just in the nick of time. The other kittens are gone. ALL. GONE. Mama has taken the rest of the them out for their first hunting lesson, I guess... even the two that aren't hers. When I went out to get Josie yesterday afternoon, not even sure I'd be keeping her in the house, there wasn't a kitten in the machine shed. So I went out to the long grass where I'd seen them playing before, and there I found Josie and Miss Purrkins. Well, I couldn't take just Josie and leave the other by herself. But there out of the grass went Mama with a mouse in her mouth, so I followed her, and sure enough, she led me to the others. I left Miss P. there and took Josie to the house.

Last evening just before dark, I went out to see if they were still there, and all the rest of the kittens were snuggled together in a little pile. This morning, they were gone, apparently off on the hunt.

I'm so glad I got Josie when I did. I'm sure Mama will bring the others back, but whether she'll bring them all back remains to be seen. Mama cats typically take their kittens out, but often they don't all make it back. Whether the mama loses one, or something happens to it, or what, is hard to say. But I wasn't taking any chances of Josie not coming back, because she's the best of them all, in my opinion. :-)

It's going to be a challenge. Wispy hates her. There's been lots of hissing and growling. I always lock Wispy in the entry overnight, but I didn't dare leave Josie out there with her, so she (Josie) spent the night in the bathroom.

Right now Josie's warming my lap (well, a small part of it, anyway), sound asleep. One of the first things on our agenda for today is a manicure for her. Or I guess that'd be a pedicure. Anyway, I must clip those teensy-tiny razor sharp claws! I have many, many puncture marks in my skin. Later will be a bath to get rid of the dirty machine shed smell. Poor kitty... tough day ahead. ;-)

Oh... don't tell Courtney that Josie's in the house! This will be a grand surprise for her tomorrow!


Suzi said...

Ooops! She was sitting next to me and I hadn't read all of the message. Sorry. She is so excited for tomorrow, she can't wait.

Grandma G said...

Soooo... the cat is out of the bag and in the house! :)

And it's a good thing Josie's in here, or possibly Courtney'd have nobody to play with tomorrow!

JHRME said...

Ooooh! Josie is so cute! Just look at those eyes!

Grandma G said...

And now she's all fresh-smelling, too, after her bath. And she's finishing drying sound asleep in my lap again. :)

She was VERY good for her bath! (Too scared to move, probably. I even used the blow dryer on her. :) ) The claw clipping, not so much. What a squirmy worm! But the job is done, and my skin is mucho relieved!

It's pouring rain, and as far as I know, the others are out in it somewhere. Josie doesn't know how lucky she is!