Thursday, September 23, 2010

Minnesota - Land of 10,000 new lakes

Rain, rain... go away! And don't come back till next summer!!

It rained. Man, did it rain! Since noon yesterday, we got 4.72 inches. That was actually one of the lesser amounts recorded in the area. Some places got around 8-10+ inches! Incredible!!

I heard a first this morning. On the radio they announced a couple of schools in the area starting late because of too much rain, and buses were going to run "on passable roads only". There were many roads under water, some roads washed out. Crazy!

I took this pic first thing this morning. The puddle by the tree got much larger before the rain was through.

Everything is more than saturated. With all the rains we've had in the last 3 months, the ground was still overly wet before this even started.

I took the pics below from the end of our driveway. The water standing there is a sight we normally only see in the springtime when the snow is melting and the ground is still frozen so the water can't get away.

It'll be awhile before those beans can get combined!

At least in the field below, the corn was already chopped for silage.

I like how our road looks in that picture (looks better if you click on it to enlarge it). It doesn't feel that wavy when you drive on it!

Guess what? We have more rain in the forecast for tomorrow (Friday) night and Saturday. Aargh. At least the next few days after that are looking drier (so far).

Note: The photos above show only minor results of all that rain. There has been serious flooding in other areas near rivers, creeks, etc.


JHRME said...

Yikes! Though I confess w/ all the warm weather in Fresno and Co Springs a LITTLE bit of that wouldnt be too bad!

Grandma G said...

Yeah, if only it could've been a little more evenly distributed... like across the COUNTRY!

Becky said...

So that's where all the rain has been! We finally got a break from the 90 degree days and have been getting MUCH needed rain since last night.

Stay safe!