Sunday, November 28, 2010

Came... went... returning?

No, not Jess 'n Alex. They came and went, but unfortunately they're not returning. At least not anytime soon.

What came was ice. I took this pic Thanksgiving afternoon.

It came in the form of freezing drizzle. It wasn't very thick, and it was a bit rough. It was slippery, but not treacherously so. You just had to use a little caution when driving. Jess 'n Alex made it okay from Chicago on Wednesday, with only about an hour of freezing rain and pretty slippery conditions. Otherwise the roads were well sanded and salted and their trip wasn't too bad.

It went. It melted some and wore off some. Then today the temperature hit 49°!! Needless to say, it's all gone.

Tonight it's supposed to start over again with the freezing drizzle, more tomorrow, then rain, then changing over to snow, and blowing snow tomorrow night and into Tuesday. Fun, huh?

But I'm still thankful. We had a good weekend, ate too much good food, and Jess 'n Alex made it safely back to Chicago last night. How was your Thanksgiving?


Anonymous said...

Well as you know it was good.

We got back here and had a
Kitty success on Friday.
If you know what I mean.

Trying to be cryptic.

We had some melting too.

Grandma G said...

Congrats on your success! Will be interesting to see how it all comes out. ;)