Friday, November 5, 2010

A good decision

As those of you who've been following my blog for awhile know, I decided I was going to toss out my quite-a-few-years-old hibiscus plant(s) at the end of this summer. It was a good plan. With all the rain and humidity we had this summer and fall, it was not looking at all healthy. I knew its time was near when the weather started getting colder, so I quit watering it so it would be lighter and easier to carry away. When we got our wind and snow on October 27th, it blew over, and here's how the poor thing looked:

Pretty sad, huh? It was still somewhat heavy, or actually more like awkward to carry away, but the worst part was getting it out of the pot. I've never seen a more solid bunch of roots! It took some digging around the edges with a knife and then some thumping it on the ground, plus a lot of tugging, but I managed. So, all is said and done.

BUT.... here's the new life from the cuttings I took back in June. As you can see, the red one has a bloom and more buds, and there are buds on the coral one, too. So I'm happy.

Now if only I could keep it out where I could see it... but alas, there's Josie, who I'm sure would torment it. So it is relegated to the bedroom where Courtney sleeps, till it gets a little bigger, anyway. Oh, well......

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JHRME said...

New life from the old :)