Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A quick sewing project

Recently I came across a tutorial for a child's neck pillow here. It looked so cute, and I thought maybe Courtney could use one, as she occasionally goes on road trips to visit her cousins. I showed her that pillow on the computer this morning, and it didn't take her long to decided she wanted one!

I had to draw my own pattern. I'm not a very good freehand drawer, but I finally got something drawn that looked about right. I used some of the fleece I had left after making my chickens. Here's how the fabric looked after I got it cut out.

Courtney kept busy cutting, too.

(A little aside note here. I'm going to have to give her a sewing lesson soon. If you've been following my blog long, you've seen how she loves to arrange pins. The first thing she did when she picked up my pin cushion today was press her palm onto all the pins to push them all the way in. That's just not the handiest way to find my pins the next time I go to use them, although she had no trouble getting them out to hand to me as I needed them.) ;-)

Courtney helped with ALL the stuffing of the pillow. She thought it was great fun, and she never tired of it, no matter how many times I said "We need more!" You can see she also did a little trying the pillow on to see if we had enough stuffing in it yet.

You may have noticed the tattoo on the back of her hand. It's Spongebob Squarepants, just so y'know. (You can click on either collage for a larger view of everything.)

Normally when Mommy comes, Courtney is not very anxious to go home. She often has to be coerced into putting on her shoes, her jacket, telling Grandma good-bye, getting out the door, getting into the van, getting into her carseat. Get the picture? Well, it was a totally different story today. She was ready to go and in a hurry to leave. She wanted to give the new pillow a try! I've never seen her so excited to get into that seat. And then the poor little girl had to wait till Grandma took even more pictures... thus the goofy faces below... she was getting impatient to get on the road. ;-)

But then one of her "friends" hopped into the van and brought back the smiles:

We finally got Patches out, and Mommy and Courtney took off. I don't know if Courtney fell asleep to test the pillow on her (short) trip home or not. ;-)


live a colorful life said...

Can you make me one of those pillows?? It looks so comfy and nice. Courtney is too adorable.

Grandma G said...

Ummmm.... sure, Cindy. What size is your neck?