Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's pretend it's spring

Another sighting of the deer, taken shortly after Saturday's robin pics:

The other one was there, too, hidden behind the evergreen tree. I was a little too slow at getting the camera to capture him, too. They've been around here quite often. No doubt waiting for me to get something good growing in the garden.That snow he's standing in was all melted by mid-afternoon that day. Yay!

BUT.... it came back. Boo! This morning looks like this. (Sorry, I've got nothing better to take pics of right now. And I know at least one person will enjoy them.... right, Mark? ;) )

No, it wasn't enough snow to make drifts, as it looks like below. That's still what's left from winter. In fact, it's down to just that little bit now. Yay!

Notice the green beneath the evergreens:

Yes, we really DO have GREEN GRASS!

But the way the forecast sounds, Courtney won't be doing any playing in the sandbox tomorrow.

Still cold, with a couple more inches of white tomorrow, and another couple inches of accumulation tomorrow night. Boo! BUT IT CAN'T LAST LONG, RIGHT?!?!


Anonymous said...

Does this prove of disprove global warming?
Maybe it just proves MN weather is very very vary variable.

Hot sunny days right around the corner.
Those deer better ditch the coats.

Grace said...

How cool. Pics number 4 and 5 look like the pussy willows that are blooming in our yard. Is this ever gonna end? I think instead of going out to do yard work I better set up the Christmas tree. Or at least unpack the snowman collection. My old timers must be kicking into high gear...Silly me... I thought it was SPRING> It can stop snowing any time now.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and yes I do love pictures with the snow and ice crystals on every thing. Is this snow or did you have a Hoar frost with the snow? It is just a little different from where we were this week end. I am sure you will see some pictures from Cindy.

Grandma G said...

Dale, if this is global warming, I disapprove, too! ;)

Grace, you keep those snowmen put away!! Don't encourage this stuff! ;)

It's all snow, Mark. I saw Cindy's pics. I offered to trade places with you, but she hasn't taken me up on that. ;)