Saturday, April 16, 2011

View from the sewing room window... today


(If I have to look at it, you do, too!) ;-)


Audrey said...

Looks like that here at our house too! Your birds look cold. The grey squirrels here seem to like the snow. I think they are crazzzzzy!

Grandma G said...

Audrey, hi! You have my sympathy. Tell me again why it is that we live in Minnesota?!? Guess we shoulda been born squirrels.

Let's hope it's gone by this evening!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope it's gone by then but the thermometer indicates that it might be iffy.
You wait, soon it will go directly to too hot.
This is MN.

P.S. There, I used my tutu.

Grandma G said...

Actually, the sun has managed to peek out a couple times, and the white is mostly gone already!! 1:00 pm, 37 degrees

Too, too much, Dale......