Friday, April 1, 2011

No foolin'....

We really DO have this much snow left. :( That was as of this past Tuesday. It's infinitesimally less today. Look closely (and/or click on it to enlarge it) and you can see Courtney standing on the banks out by the evergreen trees.

Yup, it's still deep out there.

But it has been melting, as you can see behind Courtney below. (And look at that poor evergreen tree.)

Will we ever get to say "good-bye" to winter??? (I was considering doing another contest to see who can guess the closest as to the final snow melt, but I decided not to. I prefer not to think any more about the snow than I have to. Whodathunk we'd have had that much snow again, and it's certainly not disappearing as fast as it did last year!)

I know. I said I wasn't gonna post any more snow pics. But WAIT!!! Don't go away mad!!

APRIL FOOL !!!!!!!!

THIS is what my post for today is really about. ;)

I finished up another little sewing project about a week and a half ago. I couldn't show you, though, until they were received, as I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

I have a couple of little internet friends that I've never met. Well, actually their mom is my friend. I've never met her, either. Yet, anyway.

Becky and her husband, Eric, planned and built a really cool playhouse in their basement as a Christmas surprise for their little Simon and Norah. Their house even has a mail slot, so I decided to send them some mail.

I'd come across a little tutorial (during my blog browsing, of course) here for making a fabric envelope to keep stamps in. I thought it would also be fun for kids to keep stickers in. Every kid loves stickers, right? So I made Simon and Norah each a little sticker holder out of more of that fabric I won.

Here are the insides of each one. I bet you can tell which one went to whom. :)

And here are the backs:

Very fun fabrics, and an easy project!

My "pile of intentions" of things to make that I've discovered... umm... from my blog browsing... continues to grow. So I'd better get to work on it. But first, another baby doll outfit to complete. I'll show you that next week, hopefully. And the other stuff, too, as I get them done, so keep comin' back to see!

Meanwhile, pop on over to my Fool-ish daughter's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday today!! :)


Maggie said...

Oh, I love those!! Super cute! And you're right, every kid loves stickers...this would be such a fun birthday gift for some little nephews of mine!!!


Grandma G said...

Thanks, Maggie! And special thanks for giving me the opportunity to win that fabric! :)

Now to figure out some more little projects for the rest of it....

The Luedtke Family said...

Simon and Norah absolutely love discovering mail in the playhouse. I never really tell them that mail has been delivered, they just happen upon it when they venture inside. They love stickers!! I do not understand the adoration of the sticky backed pictures of fun. But they totally love putting stickers on their shirts, my shirt, paper, and other places. There is a household rule of stickers only on shirts and paper. It is almost mostly followed!!!!

Thanks for the mail!