Thursday, April 14, 2011

View from the sewing room window

LOOK! The snowbank is gone! ENTIRELY gone!! Much better view, if you ask me! The grass is even getting green. WOOHOO!

This robin was good enough to pose for me. I was hoping to catch him pulling up a big, fat worm, but it was not to be. (Maybe for the best, Cindy?) Probably too cold for the poor worms today, at only 36°. :(

Then along came this flicker. I had a terrible time getting a good shot of him... he just kept hopping all over the place (probably trying to stay warm ;) ). But this one turned out pretty good:

Later, from the living room windows, I saw this robin. Such a PALE breast! Especially compared to the other one.

The snow is not all melted yet. There's still some in the evergreen trees. It's been melting pretty fast (especially with the 73° we had on Tuesday). But we could get some new stuff Friday night. Yuck. At least it's a little easier to accept at this time of year, because IT CAN'T LAST LONG!

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Anonymous said...

Now there's your harbingers.

Oh, it is still too chilly though.