Thursday, April 7, 2011

My birthday cake

Here it is, complete with candles!

It was nice enough outside on Tuesday to play at the sandbox awhile, although since it was kinda damp in there, she played from the outside of it. I love that she wanted to make me a cake. :) Here's some of the process. Yep, she even consulted Boots for some ideas.

(Click to enlarge.)

Don'tcha just love that TALL candle? I do. Not as much as I love her boots, though. :)

She even sang to me. Turn up your volume and listen fast... this is the short version. ;)

Grandpa and I got to celebrate my birthday with her and Mommy and Daddy that evening. And we had REAL princess cupcakes for dessert! No TALL candle, though. ;)


grace said...

How absolutely adorable. You will treasure these blog entries forever. Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you and Gramdpa G. We were so busy working at the church all day we forgot to send a
FB greeting.

Gpa and Gma H said...

P.S. I sure like the fact the blog comment form no longer makes me type in those silly backward=No sense words before I can send my comment your way. Good Job. We love your blog.

Grandma G said...

Thanks! :)