Monday, April 4, 2011

Surprise, surprise!

It's my birthday! And as I was pouring myself a cup of coffee this morning, I glanced out the window, and look what I saw!

What a surprise that was! It was standing out in the sunlight, but by the time I grabbed the camera, which happened to be right in front of me on the counter (though not near the coffee I was pouring... I try to be smarter than that ;) ), it had moved into the shade.

So pretty, huh? (Just ignore that dirty white stuff in the background!)

As if that wasn't enough... along came a second surprise!

(Perhaps a bit sickly?)

They made themselves right at home.

By then Josie had hopped onto my back and was watching, too. At least she sat still. :)

Then it became nap time.

One down.

And soon the other joined it.

They saw me moving (verrrry slowly) behind the window, but it didn't seem to bother them.

(Click any photo to enlarge.)

That was like an hour ago. I just went for a peek out the window, and they're still there. The front one is asleep while the other keeps watch.

I love birthday surprises like that!! And the sun is shining... what more could I ask for? Well, maybe 30° warmer (which would put it close to 70°) and about 30 mph less WIND! But hey, ya can't have everything, right? ;) Have a great day, all of you... and thanks for stopping by to share my day!

Update: I was down in my sewing room later in the afternoon, and I looked up to see one of them grazing right outside the window! I could've reached out and touched its head. I tried to sneak out of the room and run for the camera, but by the time I came back, it was gone. They'd actually hung around the house all day long, in one spot or another. They looked like they were planning to spend the night back between the evergreens... until I went out about 6:30 to feed the cats. They left in a hurry. I hated to see them go... until I noticed they'd eaten off all my tulips!!!


Auntie Kris said...

Happy Birthday! What a great surprise. Hope your day was a great one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Cool pictures. I hope your dirty white stuff goes away soon. We've already been in the 90's...just as bad as the dirty white stuff only on the other end of the spectrum :).

Anonymous said...

Seems like fate always wants to exact ( or is it extract) a price.
Those tulips will probably come back and it was worth the price.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday.


Alex said...

Wow! That is a nice birthday surprise! Good thing they ate and ran. They must have heard about the last animal that got busted for eating in your garden!

Grandma G said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Gwen... it's definitely melting, with temps near 60° the last couple days! But I'd take dirty white over 90° any day! :)

Yup, the tulips will come back. At least there were no buds on them yet. And they're now sprayed with Liquid Fence.

Yeah, Alex... around here it's "Grannie Get Your Gun"! Ha!