Monday, November 21, 2011

I love it when....

... I get a package in the mail and it's too big to fit in the mailbox so our carrier brings it right to my door! We have a fairly long driveway, so anytime I don't have to walk down to get the mail, it's a treat (but especially on nasty weather days).

Today was one of those days. However, it turned out to be an extra-big treat! Look what she brought me! FIVE packages! So fun! And colorful! With a little bit of delish thrown in!

Want a closer look? Check out these zippers! Such pretty colors! Nicely tied with ribbons, and I even got a cute little zipper pull (the little green thingy) for free!

Then there was this lovely fabric. NOT Jessica Jones fabric! :) It's for something for me. Eventually.

And some Wildflowers. Yes, Jess's fabric. For something coming up soon.

Here's some bag hardware. Any clues what these might be intended for?

What's that you're saying? It looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me? You're exactly right! I am going to be very busy in the next few weeks. So if you don't see much of me here, you'll know why. I'll show you what I can when it's completed, though.

Just a note on the zippers. Some are for specific upcoming projects, but most are not. I figured as long as I was ordering a few, I might as well get some for my stash. They'll come in handy sometime, and they're unbelievably cheaper than buying from my meager source here in town.

And the last package... some Twinings tea! Caffeine to keep me awake for all the sewing! ;)

That's it, folks. Well, not ALL of it. There's fabric, etc., that I had before that I haven't shown you. And some that'll arrive with Miss C tomorrow. But I'd better go and get working on.... SOMETHING!! I love this quote: "You can't do everything at once. But you CAN do something at once!" How true!! I don't know who said it, but it does help me get going when I'm feeling overwhelmed.


Jessica Jones said...

Nice stash! Have fun!

Grandma G said...

Oh, I will... I WILL!!! Looking forward muchly to all my projects!

JHRME said...

So lovely! Where are all of those lovely zipper's from?

Grandma G said...

From Zipit on Etsy. They have a tremendous selection!

Live a Colorful Life said...

How fun! I LOVE mail days like this.