Thursday, November 3, 2011

A riddle for you

What do you get when you wash a strawberry shortcake? (Especially one with pink hair.)

Answer: You get pink bath water, of course!

Bye-bye pink hair!


Grace said...

Pink hair or brown she is a cutie. Today she has flour in her hair. She spent the morning making 2 little cherry pies, 1 adult size peach/apriocot pie and helped Grandma H. make 9 pie shells that will become cream pies on Sunday morning for the church bake sale. Can't believe how long she stuck with it right to the clean up part. (:-)

Grandma G said...

Yeah, she's just the best helper, isn't she, Grace? On Tuesday we dug carrots... I dug and she picked them up and put them into the cart. Then since it was windy out, we took them into the garage to take the tops off. She stuck with it right to the finish, with no complaints. She did complain, however, when her mommy drove in... she wasn't quite ready to go home yet. ;)