Friday, November 4, 2011

Making bias tape

Remember all the bias tape I made for Courtney's apron? This is how I did it.

Since I don't have a bias tape maker, I used the old stick-a-pin-in-your-ironing-board-cover trick and pulled my bias strips through, ironing as I went. It was slow going, but worked okay. (And just a little hindsight hint: if you try this, leave just a little gap between the edges where they come together at the center fold... it works better when you fold it in half again later.)

However, I've since come across this post where CarlaC made a bias tape maker out of cardstock, and she shares a free PDF you can download for making your own ½" bias tape. She also has since come up with a 1" PDF pattern. Hurray!!


Jessica said...

what? I've never seen this crazy trick! I did see that pdf though. Both are pretty genius.

Grandma G said...

I have yet to print and try out the PDFs, but I suspect they'll work much better than this method. This one does in a pinch, though. ;)