Thursday, February 2, 2012

Going fast!

Let's see...46° Monday and Tuesday... and 50° yesterday! Can this really be only the first part of February?! The few inches of snow we got last week is melting very fast. Most of the ground is bare again. However, Courtney and I found a big enough batch of snow left to make a quick snowman on Tuesday. Since it was getting kinda late by the time we got outside and got the cats fed, it was starting to get dark by the time we got done. But even though my camera told me it was too dark for photo-taking, it did a pretty decent job, anyway. Here's our little snowman:

Pretty fancy, huh? ;) Courtney put the finishing touches on him... the branches for arms and a butt crack that she insisted on adding!

With our 50° yesterday, however, our snowman lost a lot of weight... as well as his facial features and his buttons. And the predicted 46° today will do considerable damage, too. Oh, well.... it was fun while it lasted!


Anonymous said...

I like the butt crack idea.
That girl is showing her sense of humor.

What did you use for the eyes and mouth?


Grandma G said...

Yeah, she thought the butt crack was pretty funny. ;)

The eyes, mouth and buttons were all just stones I picked up off the driveway. It was getting so dark I could hardly see to find big enough ones. :)

She was delighted when Grandpa drove in in time to see the snowman while we were still out there. She was pretty proud of it. And of course she had to show him the bc.

Grace said...

That Just 'Cracks me up' . The snow lady we made a week ago was showing tell tale signs all week that she was on 'slim fast'. Yesterday she had lost a lot of weight and her whole head had hollowed out just leaving a snow shell, Never seen that before. We took a shot of her today with what little remained after her poor head rolled unto the ground.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Birthday party.

Grandma G said...

Ours lost its head yesterday, too. :)

Seeya at the party tomorrow, Grace! I think we have one pretty excited little 5-year-old! :)