Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photos of the day

This is the sight I saw when I first looked out the window this morning. Poor ash tree. It's one that Courtney's daddy brought home from elementary school one Arbor Day all those years ago. Pretty sad to see it so damaged. At least it didn't land on the sandbox under it and break the cover.

(The photos look so much better enlarged! Just click on 'em!)

Incidentally, below is the first photo I took of it through the drippy plasticked window. It made for kind of a unique effect.

Here's the back side of it:

And up close:

Our maple tree lost a lot of branches again, too. As I was outside taking pics, the wind started coming up, and more were falling... glad I wasn't standing under the tree at the time!

We had a lot of rain yesterday, and there are lots of puddles, one of which you can see below. They're kind of a yucky brown color.

I even left yellowish-brown footprints because of all the wetness under the snow:

There were some pretty effects, though, too!  I love the "hooks" on these maple branches! Amazing how they formed, isn't it?!

Here are some more icy maple shots:

Even the asparagus looked pretty:

But the best view, in my opinion, was what I saw in my sewing room window as I walked back to the house:

Yep, those buds will be opening very soon! And green is so refreshing to see again!


Jessica Jones said...

Glad you got some moisture, and it looks pretty, but poor tree!

Anonymous said...

Mother Nature can be a real -----.
But we are also thankful for the good things.

I see they have squirreled and swirled the keywords now. They have made it a little more troublesome.


Suzi said...

I drove under some trees that looked similar to yours this morning in town. I really made me a little nervous. The Ice is really pretty, but man it makes a mess that needs to be picked up before mowing in the spring. My back hurts just thinking about it.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Amazing pictures!