Thursday, February 9, 2012

Okay, whodunnit???

When I looked out the window this morning, I noticed this:

I actually took that picture last, so ignore my tracks in the frosty grass.  But notice below how it looks like something has scraped up grass and dragged it onto the snow on the left.

A closer look:

Then there's the grassy path to the culvert, also:

And a nice little pile on the snow:

(Click any photo to enlarge for a better look.)

Soooo.... what kind of a critter would be doing that, do you think? The snow is frozen too hard to see any tracks.

And a second mystery! I've been using a stainless steel water bowl for my cats outside. (I used to use Cool Whip bowls, but they tend to crack if there's quite a bit of water left and it freezes.) A few weeks ago, I went out to feed them one morning, and the water bowl was gone. Totally GONE. I looked everywhere, but found nothing. I happened to have another ss bowl, so I put that out. A few days later, I found it about 20 feet or so from where it was supposed to be. Now this morning, it too was GONE. Nowhere to be seen. Grrrr!

When the first bowl disappeared, I thought perhaps since it had just turned to some really cold temps, that an unknowing cat (or 'coon?) licked the bottom of the bowl and got its tongue stuck and ended up dragging the bowl off somewhere. But now I'm tending to not think that. Grandpa thinks a 'coon simply TOOK it. I think he might be right. What they plan to do with it, I have no clue. It just makes me mad.

Okay.... help me out here! What do YOU think happened in each of my mysteries? I need some expert opinions (or not so expert, too) here. Even a crazy wild guess would do. ;)  Let's hear from you. Mark? (Okay, I know you're really busy... you're off the hook.) Dale? Bart? (Yeah, I know you're out there lurking... it's time we hear from you!) Anybody else? Comments, please!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Ok there is something fishy about this story, one of my shi-tar meters keeps going off. First is Grandpa pulling your leg just to mess with you by moving the bowl? It sounds like something I might do to Cindy. Now the next thing would do if something is missing or stolen here we go to the local swap meet and see if we can find it. So I am not sure where the racoons of Minnesota would take their stolen property to fence it but I would check it out. Next I would find the recycling place that the racoons use since they might have gotten confused with the bowl and thought it was aluminum and tried to recycle it.

Now if an animal got his tongue stuck and drug it away we need to find that animal because it would be worth the price of admission to see this event.

In any event this is a mystery and somehow me thinks the culprit might be a two legged animal. Mark

Grandma G said...

Ha! If it IS two-legged, it's going to extremes! Stay tuned for today's post and a CLUE!