Monday, July 2, 2012

Mail from Auntie Jess!

Every now and then, Courtney gets mail at Grandma's house on her Tuesdays there. It's always from Auntie Jess. She got some last week, and it was very fun! It was a puzzle book, of sorts. There were pages of numbered stickers, and when you matched the numbers to those on the corresponding puzzle page, putting each sticker/puzzle piece down carefully, you ended up with a Curious George picture!

Courtney loved it!  She worked very hard at getting those pieces down 'just right'.

Josie thought it was all pretty boring, actually. Or maybe this is her "Why didn't Jess send something for ME?" look:

The kit also contained a page of magnets that you could break apart and use them to hang your completed picture. This is the stack of magnets:

And here's our Miss Courtney with her first completed puzzle and a big "thank you!" smile for Auntie Jess!


Grace said...

How cool! Ya just gotta love that Auntie Jess. Even tho she lives so far away , I often hear Courtney talk about Auntie Jess. Sweet smile.

Grandma G said...

Yep, Courtney and Auntie Jess are good buddies... especially when it comes to "crafting". :)