Friday, November 30, 2012

Nearing the end

Anybody else have any of these left from this year's garden?

This is one of seven that I have left. This year, I think because it was so HOT, my tomatoes didn't set blossoms very fast, and then when they finally did, they ripened very slowly. We were able to keep up with the tomatoes produced on my two plants just by eating them. I didn't have any to preserve, but that's okay, because I really didn't need any. When the threat of a hard freeze came, there were lots of tomatoes on, but they were still very green. I picked a bunch, and this is one of the last of those. They sure aren't as tasty, though, as the ones that ripen on the vine.

Yeah, I'm getting hard up for photos. :)  And when Courtney was here on Tuesday, we worked on a cool project, but we were so busy with it that I forgot to take pictures! Boo! I'll try to do better next week.


annie dee said...

That sure looks delicious.

Grandma G said...

Its looks were deceiving. It was quite watery and the flavor wasn't that great. Made for a nice pic, though, huh? ;)