Thursday, September 19, 2013


Courtney and I had a really lucky day yesterday! Remember those new kittens I mentioned in yesterday's post? We walked out to the barn to see if we could get even a peek at them, but they weren't there. So we headed to the machine shed to visit the other kittens. Much to our surprise, the new kittens were there, too! Luckily, I had brought the old camera along (because it's faster, without all the focusing) just in case.

I'd gotten ahold of this little guy the first time I saw him a couple days ago, the only reason for that being his eyes were stuck shut and he couldn't see me coming:

I was able to treat his eyes while I held him. Looks like the treatment worked, as his eyes appeared to be fine yesterday. He was way back in the dark part of the shed, so I had to zoom in a lot, and the pics turned out really dark even with the flash, but I edited them a little, and at least you can see his lovely markings:

Here's one of his siblings, who happened to be a bit closer and braver:

I managed to get a pretty good shot of him/her:

Isn't that just the most adorable little thing EVER?!! I couldn't believe how cute it is!

There was another one, black-and-white, but it quickly ran and hid, and we didn't see it again. This is Dots, who must be their mother, since she was also out there at the time:

I also got a nice pic of Bitsy... and Bratman... and Climber's head... and others' body parts, including Courtney's hand and knee. :)

I believe my current kitten count is now an even dozen. Unfortunately, two of the adults are obviously pregnant again. *sigh*

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