Monday, September 23, 2013


As I was heading out to feed the cats Saturday evening, I discovered Snuggles up in a tree.

He doesn't look too happy, does he?

The reason for that dour look is his nemesis, pictured below, who had chased him up there.

That's Tommy. Or at least that's what I call him. He's not my cat, although he's there more often than not at feeding time. I think he likes not only my cat food but also my female cats, and I believe he's the father of most of my kittens (likely even of Snuggles, too). He's a bit afraid of me and keeps his distance, but thanks to camera zoom, I got a shot of him under some machinery, waiting for me to leave so he could steal some supper.

I have to say, Snuggles is a pretty brave boy.  All of my other adult tomcats have eventually gotten run off, probably by Tommy. That's just how it works with cats. But Snuggles, who is I think 2 years old, has remained and fought his battles, although he's looked pretty beat up at times. I'm proud of him. :)


annie dee said...

Brave young man! I like his lopsided mustache. Gives him a permanent unhappy or worried look. Hope he was able to get down from the tree and eat eventually.

Grandma G said...

Oh, yeah... he always manages to eat. Sometimes they're both in the machine shed at the same time, and Snuggles gets the food first. There's a little growling sometimes as he eats, though. :)